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Uzbekistan liquidated the mining farm

Law enforcement officers found an underground mining farm in the Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan, which has mined $7.7 million worth of cryptocurrencies since August 2020. This write local media, referring to the press service of the State Security Service of Uzbekistan.

According to law enforcement, a foreign company registered in Tashkent rented a building from a local enterprise for two years, allegedly for a rabbit farm, but placed mining equipment.

“The heads of the enterprise and the foreign company colluded and entered false information into the contract with the district energyabout the enterprise to connect to the power grid,” the State Security Service says.

1491 sets of mining equipment and 9280 video cards were seized. Since August 2020, the farm has mined $7.7 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

The agency also reports that the mining farm purchased a large amount of electricity at a reduced price, which caused major damage to the state. A criminal case has been opened.

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