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The number of scams with the launch of fake cryptocurrencies has increased in the Russian Federation

Attackers began to use initial coin offerings (ICOs) to deceive Russians. This was stated by Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the board of Sber, write “News”.

According to him, scammers are convincing citizens to invest in new tokens, but it is impossible to withdraw the transferred money.

“They make a mailing list with a proposal to invest in the cryptocurrency of a new startup and send a link to payment, and after receiving the money they stop communicating,” Kuznetsov explained.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation confirmed to the publication that a similar scheme is used when creating pyramids. Often, such organizations operate from foreign jurisdictions.

“For some time, ICO was a popular tool for raising money for a“ hype ”idea, which few people understood,” the regulator said.

A new wave of popularity of this type of fraud began in the fall of 2021 against the backdrop of the record cost of bitcoin and the growth of market capitalization.

Earlier, the central bank blacklisted eight companies offering “earnings on bitcoin.”

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