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The head of Coinbase predicted an increase in the number of crypto users to 1 billion

Within a decade, the number of people using cryptocurrencies will increase from about 200 million to 1 billion, according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. BNN Bloomberg.

During the Milken Institute Global Conference, he stated:

“My guess is that in 10-20 years we will see a significant portion of GDP happening in the crypto economy.”

Taking part in the session, the head of ARK Investment Management Cathy Wood shared his opinion. She also noted the rapid development of the DeFi sector, which is attracting more and more specialists.

“In the case of DeFi and the next generation internet, we see many financial companies losing talent in the crypto industry. So they have to take it seriously or they’ll be devastated,” Wood said.

According to her, the promotion of cryptocurrencies in the US is hindered by regulatory uncertainty. Implementation of the regulatory framework for the industry is much slower than in the case of the Internet, she said.

Armstrong observed that at the same time, “it’s increasingly difficult to meet a true cryptoskeptic in Washington.” According to him, about half of politicians now support digital assets.

Recall that Armstrong predicted the division of regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United States between departments.

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