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Tencent taught AI to restore old photos

Researchers at Tencent have developed the GFP-GAN algorithm to repair corrupted images and low-resolution portraits. Writes about it PetaPixel.

Photo reconstructed with GFP-GAN. Data: YouTube channel What’s AI.

The technology combines information from two artificial intelligence models to fill in the missing details of photos in seconds, while maintaining high accuracy and quality.

Conventional image restoration methods require careful tuning of an existing AI model by measuring the differences between generated and real images, the scientists say. This often leads to substandard results, they added.

The new approach uses a pre-trained version of Nvidia’s StyleGAN-2 algorithm to inform the group’s own model at multiple stages of the imaging process. This allows the “identity” of the people in the photograph to be preserved, with particular emphasis on facial features such as the eyes and mouth.

GFP-GAN Demo free. The researchers also published source model that allows any developer to implement recovery technology in their projects.

However, the creators of GFP-GAN warned that the algorithm could distort some of the details of the faces and give the result at a lower resolution.

Recall that in June, Adobe introduced a tool for restoring old photos in Photoshop.

In October 2021, Israeli startup D-ID developed a tool to “make” people in portraits talk.

In April, Deep Nostalgia taught Live Photos how to dance and blow kisses.

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