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Solana Labs plans to improve network updates after the recent…

  • This was stated by the co-founder of the project Anatoly Yakovenko
  • The developers also intend to involve external auditors and testers.
  • Investigation into recent outage is still ongoing

Recall that on Saturday, February 25, Solana’s throughput dropped sharply. The crash occurred after update 1.14. Moreover, the developers still do not know its cause.

The situation raised concerns that a similar scenario could be repeated in the next major update. To avoid this, the developers will introduce a number of changes, declared project co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko.

Up until version 1.14, network engineers have been working to fix current issues. In particular, these are incorrect gas accounting, overhead costs for storage and restart, lack of commission markets, and so on.

That was the priority. But now the focus has shifted to stabilizing the network as new software releases are deployed. Including by involving external auditors and testers.

There will be some changes in the update installation mechanism. In particular, the first time you downgrade, a reimage of the testnet will be created.

In addition, almost a third of the Solana Labs developers will be among the “rival team”. They will look for exploits in the underlying protocols.

The restart process will also be improved. Nodes now automatically discover the last confirmed slot and share the registry with each other.

All this is designed to improve the stability of the network and prevent such failures. Note that it is still not known for sure whether the update is the reason for it or, for example, a large number of votes. Solana Labs promised to provide the results of the investigation at a later date.

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