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Lark Davis pointed to the interest of large players in cryptocurrencies

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Crypto investor and blogger Lark Davis has listed the biggest companies involved in the digital asset industry despite adverse market conditions.

“Don’t let the bear market fool you. Corporate adoption of cryptocurrencies is happening right now. Some big players are taking serious steps,” he wrote.

Davis honors $10 trillion largest asset manager BlackRock AUMwhich launched a bitcoin trust for institutional clients and offered them access to cryptocurrencies through Coinbase Prime.

He also recalled the cooperation of the Mastercard giant with the immersv payment protocol. The deal will allow Web3 wallet holders in Australia and New Zealand to use digital assets as payment.

Payments giant Visa has signed a long-term strategic partnership with cryptocurrency platform Wirex. The new collaboration will allow the British startup to issue debit and prepaid cards in more than 40 countries, including Asia-Pacific and the UK.

Davis’ list also included:

  • Meta, which offered Instagram users the opportunity to create and sell NFTs on the Polygon blockchain;
  • Nike, which announced the .Swoosh web3 platform with metaverse merchandise and bought NFT studio RTFKT;
  • Starbucks, which launched an NFT-based loyalty program on the Polygon chain;
  • Amazon, which has partnered with the Avalanche company behind Avalanche, Ava Labs;
  • Microsoft, which signed an agreement with Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr to offer enterprise clients a node service for accessing blockchain data;
  • Tencent, which announced a partnership with the European blockchain project MultiversX (formerly Elrond Network).

“So get ready. Because what follows the halving in 2024 will amaze people, ”concluded the blogger.

Recall that in January 2023, Davis announced the superiority of Ethereum over Bitcoin in terms of the number of new owners per year.

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