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In Orlando, the mayor’s office opened 2.5 thousand vacancies in the direction of the metaverse

  • The head of the city spoke to the audience in virtual space
  • The mayor intends to make Orlando the new techno hub in the US South

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer became the first politician in history to address an audience in the metaverse. And he doesn’t plan to stop there. With his approval, the mayor’s office opened 2.5 thousand vacancies for product development in this area.

In his speech, Dyer compared the metaverses to the Internet boom of the 90s. He openly acknowledges the enormous potential of this technology and encourages professionals from all over the world to come to Orlando to “build the future together”:

“Consider this my personal invitation.”

Dyer declared Orlando “Metacenter”. Major players in this area, such as Unity, Echo Interaction Group and MELON, have already signed an agreement with his office.

Together they intend to develop this direction. And they already have some success. For example, that December performance of Dyer prepared in the virtual space by 302 Interactive and Metaverse Construction Company.

2.5 thousand highly paid places will allow the Orlando authorities to create an extensive and high-quality infrastructure. Who knows, it is quite possible that in a year or two this city will become a kind of “pilgrimage center” for developers and network engineers.

Note that the Web 3 sphere is supported not only by Dyer, but also by the head of Miami. Suarez became the first US mayor to receive a salary in bitcoin. Even a prolonged recession could not affect his beliefs, since his office still supports crypto startups.

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