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In Dagestan, another fact of theft of electricity for the extraction of bitcoins was revealed

Dagestan police found a mining farm in a non-residential building in the village of Botlikh. About it reported press service of the department.

According to the investigation, the farm has been operating since August 2021, the equipment belongs to a 57-year-old local resident. To carry out activities for the extraction of cryptocurrencies, the attacker illegally connected to a nearby power line.

The preliminary damage to the grid company is estimated at 600,000 rubles.

In the room, the police found components from computers and mining devices.

The material of the check was submitted for making a procedural decision.

Earlier, another large mining farm was identified in Dagestan. The monthly damage from her work, according to preliminary data, amounted to about a million rubles. The Ministry of Internal Affairs establishes the owner of the equipment.

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