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DeFi-platform MonoX lost $ 31 million as a result of hacking

A hacker withdrew $ 31 million worth of crypto assets from the Polygon-based MonoX platform. The Block analyst Igor Igamberdiev drew attention to this.

According to the observations of the researcher, the attacker kidnapped:

  • 5.7 million MATIC tokens (worth approximately $ 10.5 million);
  • 3,900 WETH ($ 18.2 million);
  • 36.1 WBTC ($ 2 million);
  • 1200 LINK ($ 31,000);
  • 3100 GHST ($ 9100);
  • 5.1 million DUCK ($ 257,000);
  • 4100 MIM ($ 4100);
  • 274 IMX ($ 2000).

Shortly after Igamberdiev’s tweet, MonoX representatives confirmed the hack.

The developers have apologized to the investors. According to them, the incident is being investigated and measures are being taken to recover the funds.

MonoX representatives soon explained that the attacker managed to raise the price of the MONO token to the skies using a swap contract, and then purchase “all other assets in the pool” for it.

Recall that in early November, the DeFi platform bZx lost $ 55 million as a result of the hack.

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