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Chinese authorities disrupted the protest of bank depositors

The Chinese authorities, using infrastructure to track the spread of the coronavirus, disrupted the protest of bank depositors by setting them a red code in the health application. Writes about it Reuters.

Depositors from across China planned to travel to Henan province to protest a two-month ban on access to more than $178 million in deposits.

Human rights groups have previously warned that China could use its vast COVID surveillance infrastructure to crack down on dissent. Without a green code in a smartphone application, citizens lose access to public transport, public places, and the right to freely travel around the country.

“They are digitally handcuffing us,” said one of the affected depositors.

Another interlocutor of the publication planned to go to a protest in the capital of Henan province. According to him, due to the restrictions, his son may not be able to attend school.

“I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere. They treat you like you’re a criminal. It violates my human rights,” he said.

Wuhan resident Wang Qiong also found that the health code had turned red. According to her, this happened after registering for a trip to Henan on June 11.

“The police had my identity when I last went out to protest in April,” Wang said.

The contributor added that she lost access to 2.3 million yuan (approximately $341,550).

Other interlocutors of the publication reported that they were able to arrive in Henan by train and car. However, upon arrival, their codes on the app turned red. The exact reasons for the restrictions are unknown. Other travelers not associated with the frozen deposits were not covered.

According to members of the WeChat group, more than 200 contributors have faced a similar problem.

April 18, 2022 three Chinese banks frozen customer deposits, referring to the upgrading of the internal system.

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