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Bill Gates called AI the “most important” innovation of our time


Improvements in artificial intelligence are the “most important” innovation at the moment. This was stated by billionaire and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates in an interview with the publication Handelsblatt.

The businessman compared the emergence of generative AI with the invention of the Internet.

“This will change our world. Generative AI applications such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT can improve the efficiency of the office, billing and writing,” he said.

According to the entrepreneur, previously natural language processing systems did not perceive the information they received.

“The easiest way to understand this is that AI is very good at speech and text recognition, but essentially cannot read,” Gates said.

However, modern language models like ChatGPT are able to learn, improve, and read and write with new knowledge.

Gates believes that the capabilities of generative AI will have a “huge impact” on many sectors of the economy. In healthcare and education, algorithms can tangibly increase efficiency and significantly improve outcomes, he says.

Gates also pointed to word processing and office applications as the best future use for language models. As an example, he pointed to a hypothetical integration with Microsoft Teams, an enterprise messenger, and noted that AI could monitor a conversation for relevant information based on the meeting.

“We will have to work less,” Gates said.

However, the billionaire noted that such algorithms are not always accurate and require huge computing power. But that hasn’t stopped companies like Microsoft and Google from vying for leadership in the field, he added.

“Progress over the next couple of years to make technology even better is going to be significant,” Gates said.

Recall that in February, Google introduced the Bard chat bot, which it plans to integrate into the search service.

A day later, Microsoft announced the addition of ChatGPT to Bing.

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