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Artificial intelligence has learned to flirt and confess your love

London-based startup Sonantic developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that simulates flirtatious speech patterns with new “non-verbal sounds” including sighs, pauses and light laughter.

Engineers have published a video with the face of a real actress, but her speech is completely synthesized by the algorithm. In it, a voiceover speaks a monologue about love, and at the end admits that it does not exist.

During the development of Flirtatious AI, the team identified some tricks to make people sound more romantic, including slowing down to create tension, smiling slightly while talking, and keeping a calm, steady pace. According to them, this made it possible to significantly increase the realism of the synthesized speech.

Sonantic also showed off the interface of the program used to generate the voice. In it, the user can change the pace of speech, adjust intonation, style and speed, as well as add different sounds between words.
Speech synthesizer interface. Data: Sonantic.

Voice synthesis from Sonantic is already used in the production of Hollywood films and video games. They can express joy and sadness, and now flirting. In addition to being flirtatious, the team developed shy and teasing “styles” of speech.

Recall that in August 2021, Sonantic synthesized the voice of actor Val Kilmer, who lost it due to laryngeal cancer, using AI.

In July, a deepfake voiced quotes from the late chef for a documentary.

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