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ARM won’t sell its latest chips in China


ARM will not sell Neoverse V-series chips to Chinese tech giant Alibaba due to US and UK export restrictions. Writes about it Financial Times.

According to the publication, the corporation believes that the latest accelerator falls into the category of high-performance processors. Although ARM may apply for a license, it is likely that it will be rejected.

Neoverse V is a series of high performance processors designed for supercomputing, cloud computing and AI acceleration. ARM doesn’t make its own chips, but sells them to companies like TSMC and Samsung.

According to ARM, the Neoverse V was designed in the US, which limits their export to China under the rules.

According to the FT, the administration of US President Joe Biden is also intends to include Chinese chip maker YMTC to be sanctioned next week. The company reportedly violated export controls by supplying Chinese smartphone maker Huawei with NAND memory chips.

The US government considers YMTC one of the leaders in China. It is expected that the inclusion of the manufacturer in the list will cause a strong reaction.

Meanwhile China filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization regarding export controls.

It was previously reported that Japan and the Netherlands joined to the US and UK in tightening control over equipment for the production of microcircuits in the PRC.

Recall that in October the US government published a set of export controls prohibiting the supply of advanced chips for supercomputers and artificial intelligence to China.

In September, the White House restricted the sale of Nvidia and AMD processors to Russia and China.

In August, the US Congress passed a bill stimulating the production of chips in the US.

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