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5 Prestigious UK Universities Launch Blockchain Education

  • The country is actively preparing for the development of a new financial system
  • And trains future specialists in this field

British universities behindallowed educational programs in the field of blockchain. Among them are top institutions – including Cambridge and Oxford, Imperial and Edinburgh Universities, as well as University College London.

What is taught there

Universities prepare courses and practical classes in various areas of blockchain technology. This is basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies, smart contract technology, privacy, scalability and security.

Thus, the Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) operates on the basis of Cambridge. This is a research center that studies innovations in the field of finance, including cryptocurrencies. In addition, students can become members of the Cambridge Digital Asset Program. They will delve into infrastructure, climate, and emerging monetary systems.

Oxford University has launched a course on blockchain strategy. It was developed for owners and top managers of large companies who plan to implement such technologies. The curriculum includes blockchain protocols, regulation, decentralized governance, and working with different ecosystems.

Imperial College London is offering a 6-week Masterclass on Blockchain Technology: Fundamentals, Applications and Implications. During their studies, students will master the intricacies of cryptography, smart contracts and DeFi. Also, the elements of the blockchain are studied by future masters of science in the field of financial technologies (fintech).

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